Can these nutritionals enhance your cancer treatments?

Welcome to the Grace Gawler Institute (GGI) Cancer Specialty Store.

Our store has 2 sections – public & private. 

Public section – cancer books, resources, general nutritionals & botanicals 

Private section – practitioner-only products can be purchased by supervised GGI Clients.

In the private section appropriate science-based products are responsibly-dispensed ensuring they actually do support & enhance the individual patient’s conventional treatments without causing harmful interactions.(contraindications)

Of particular note: Some of our practitioner-only products have been credibly shown to enhance immune activity & reduce chemotherapy & radiation side effects. Remarkably, they also increase the efficacy of those treatments. These products are practitioner prescribed & monitored. 

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In our Cancer Specialty Store you will find: 


  • Practitioner prescribed products.
  • Botanicals & Nutritionals.
  • Sun protection clothing.
  • Books and e-books.
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Please note: 
Our botanical & nutritional products are to be used as adjuncts to conventional cancer medicine – not alternatives or substitutes.

It is our experience (supported by oncologists we collaborate with) that supervised patients using prescribed  products as adjunct treatments consistently experience improved quality of life and high level well-being.

As well; the science underpinning timing & sequencing of complementary products is complex – requiring a knowledge of pharmacogenomics & expert practitioner guidance.