Cancer Food Fads, Fakes and Fallacies

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You probably landed here searching for information about the best foods & supplements to help you survive & thrive through cancer.

We can certainly help you – our Cancer Specialty Store contains science backed products – the best we have found in our 43 years of supportive care cancer medicine.

However; there is something extra special we’d like to share. It’s proving a great benefit for many patients. You might like to read about it after completing this section on our nutritionals. (See below)

Targeted Nutritionals and Botanicals:

Nutritional products must be matched to your individual genetic make-up. There is no one size fits all. Thanks to genomic testing we can eliminate the guesswork.

That is why our most effective products are in a ‘private’ section of our store –  these are practitioner supervised only products. 

Click here if you would like to organise a consultation with us so prescribe these products for you as well as supervise and monitor your cancer progress – remember we draw on 43 years experience.

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The Genomic Era:

We employ genomic tests to identify target (medical) treatments as well as botanicals.

To read more about the topic – see targeted botanicals.

Supercharge your immune system: 

grace gawler While we have great success stories from our patients using nutritionals scientifically shown to increase immune system activity, reduce side effects from chemo and radiation while enhancing the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation.

However; we felt we had a duty of care to inform you about an even more potent method to rebuild & restore your immune system – cell-based immune therapies.

The cell based immune therapy treatment is more effective than diet and supplementation alone but is safe and non-toxic with little or no side effects. It very quickly repairs and restores your immune system. The results are almost instantly felt by patients and verified by special blood tests. We suggest you read more about it on the links provided and then contact us to explore it further.

Thankfully, this process works hand-in-hand with the immune enhancing nutritional products mentioned above. Our patients receiving this combination treatment have consistently shown excellent outcomes.

NOTE: The cell based immune therapies are very different to drug based immune therapies produced by pharmaceutical companies and receiving great interest in our hospitals. (PD1s, Car T Cell Therapies etc).

To read more about the difference between the two types of immune therapies click here.

The link above will explain more about the cell based immune therapies which our patients receive. Especially how they are made from the patient’s cells and blood.

When combined with hyperthermia (& sometimes, low-dose chemotherapy) the outcomes have been well beyond clinical expectations…
The link includes articles about the drug based immune therapies, which in contrast, can be highly toxic, unpredictable and extremely severe in side effects .

The following section explores both the hype and hyper-marketing of cancer foods and supplements as well as information about the exciting new world of genomics & proven methods gleaned from 43 years at the cancer coalface...

Cancer Fighting Foods?

Are cancer cure claims from Dr Google, cancer forums or well-meaning friends trustworthy? If genuine, are they appropriate (targeted) to you?

In contrast, would you prefer guidance & advice from a cancer navigator with 43 years experience helping patients access some of the world's best cancer treatments?

A tale of two columns – one of hype & one of hope.

Left-hand column  – exploration of cancer food fads and fallacies.

Right-hand column – exploring the new era of precision medicine (personalised, targeted).

While desperate cancer patients pin their hopes on cancer super foods, a new generation of highly effective precision medicine is available for patients.

The left-hand column exposes marketing ploys riddled with pseudoscience and hype while the right-hand column provides concrete hope based on modern scientific advances.

If you have explored the 10 patient testimonials (green button above) you will have seen that the outcomes from patients following the right-hand column, have been exceptional.

Cancer patients are frequently duped out of their money and their health by unscrupulous marketers who overwhelm valid nutritional science with white-noise.

Take superfoods as an example.  This is a marketing term used to sell products and has no scientific basis

You don’t see apples, oranges, bananas advertised as super-foods although they are as nutrient dense.

Scroll this page for  many more revealing articles about how the market forces have duped the unsuspecting public – with super superfoods  foods like kale, coconut oil, chia seeds, blueberries, acai, beetroot, broccoli, garlic, green tea… (the list goes on) 

How did we arrive at a place where avocados outsell oranges, where coconut oil, a once-cheap saturated fat, is reborn as a super-ingredient with miraculous, health-giving properties?

(Paltrow’s website Goop also proposes using it as a mouthwash and sexual lubricant, prompting Warner to joke, “Separately, I hope.”) click for full article from the Angry Chef

Despite millions of websites claims, there is no super-food – just super-hype creating super ideologies.
Among our patients, this causes SUPER PROBLEMS!

The coconut oil myth is one of many so-called super foods which employ brilliant marketing and kindergarten science to sell product; regardless of outcome.

Just how did slick American marketers foist coconut oil on the unsuspecting public?

Very impressive marketing – given that it contains 82% saturated fat, compared to butter at 63%, beef fat at 50% and pork lard at 39%?

It also increases LDL increasing risks of heart attacks. Countries that use coconut oil as the predominant fat don’t stand out as pillars of heart health.

On the surface the Sri Lankan diet may look pretty good, just 25% of energy from fat, yet heart disease rates are much higher than would be expected.

Not much support for coconut oil from this quarter.

Worth viewing – this one-minute video – Coconut Scam – the American Health Association

Click here for the Cancer Council views on Coconut Oil

View PDF – The Truth about Coconut Oil 

Does this mean cancer patients should not use botanical supplements at all?

Absolutely not. They have their place but they must be scientifically targeted.

Otherwise at best you will waste your money at worst you will do your recovery or yourself some harm.

In recent years the Acai berry has been elevated to superfood status with many fake promotions.

How can you tell you might be on a fake Acai site?

Click here for Fake News Sites Promote Acai Supplements

  • The site displays the logo of a legitimate major television network, newspaper, or magazine, followed by a “reporter’s” first-hand experience using the product.
  • The reporter claims a dramatic weight loss — like 25 lbs over several weeks — with little or no change in diet or exercise routine.
  • Throughout the site, you see links to other websites where you can buy the “weight loss” products or sign up for a “free” trial.
  • You see testimonials or comments from supposedly satisfied customers on the site

Click here for Acai Berries Hype or Health?

Safety Information – click links below…

More information about other cancer food fads and fallacies can be accessed here.

These include how kale became trendy & other myth-information patients find on the Internet, in cancer forums or from friends & family.

I’m Grace Gawler. Botanical Oncology is one of my strengths. Therefore I’m very concerned about cancer food fads and fallacies that rob patients of their money and well-being.

These well-meaning attempts at self-help often(mostly) result in self-harm. These are my observations from over four decades at the cancer coalface. I can honestly say I have not seen one clinically-diagnosed cancer cure resulting from diet or supplement regimes among my 20,000 patients – NOT ONE.

However, I do have some very good news.

Precision medicine is revolutionising cancer care. While not readily available in most hospitals in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, I have been helping my patients to access it for some years.

The mapping of the human genome has made possible great advances in cancer medicine. Today, I frequently help my patients access genomic diagnostic and screening tests which accurately identify targeted treatments. 

Most patients are unaware that in our hospitals (and promoters of complementary medicines), a one size fits all approach is the norm. The following chart indicates the poor efficacy of most cancer drugs – only 25% on average. There is a lot of suffering for no gain. That’s why we need genomic tests and targeted treatments.

Guesswork no more: The genomic tests identify the target treatments – no longer a one size fits all. The tests can also identify target food groups and supplements for the individual.

However,  as well as the specifically targeted treatments – there is an adjunct therapy that my patients benefit from.

This is immune therapy, in the form of cancer vaccines. It provides a highly effective boost to a patient’s immune system and is made from the patient’s white blood cells, therefore there is no rejection and minimal side effects.

But there’s more – When delivered with hyperthermia & low-dose chemotherapy (most of our patients have this) the immune therapies are further boosted to create a greater therapeutic effect.

In other words, right now, we are able to help our patients access state-of-the-art treatments – unprecedented in medical history.

Although Cancer Vaccines are relatively new in Australia, with trials currently underway; our medical colleagues in Asia have been researching, creating & delivering personalised immunotherapy since 1990. (Over 10,000 deliveries)

It is important to differentiate between our blood based immune therapies and the immune therapy drugs made by the big pharmaceutical companies.

The drug based immune therapies have unpredictable and often severe side effects – in some cases extremely severe.

With a blood-based immune therapy the doctor works with one patient at a time compared to the immune therapy drugs which can reap immense profit for the drug companies. There is no profit for big Pharma from the blood-based immune therapies.

We have been helping our patients access these brilliant blood-based immune therapies for over three years – with exceptional outcomes. 

We offer a Cancer Navigation Package which provides guidance, advice and case management while liaising and briefing the doctors and oncologists involved with presenting precision medicine to you.

These treatments involve clinics in Singapore, Germany & Japan.

You can access this very productive – but highly complex field of precision medicine now, by contacting me – just click on my picture below.

Under the picture you’ll find a link to information about our cancer navigation package – essential for serious patients seeking optimal outcomes.

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