Probiotics have been re-imagined – LACTIS the smarter option

Probiotics have been re-imagined! Some other reasons why LACTIS is superior to probiotics…

LACTIS, the smarter option in gut health can safely nourish and invigorate your gut microbiome!

Japanese know-how and wisdom of food-based ferments over many centuries is responsible for creating LACTIS.

LACTIS is a safe and intelligently created product that is changing the lives of cancer patients who have been suffering with digestive problems gut health inflammation and discomfort as result of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Patients who have undergone surgery and had antibiotic treatment also suffer from damage to functionality and volume of their microbiome. Recovery time can be impeded and sometimes gut bacteria struggle to return to balance.

Until recently, doctors thought that the answer was to prescribe probiotics containing billions of “live” bacteria of various strains and types. However a recent report from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta university stated yet another health issue with consuming “live” bacteria probiotics.

They discovered that probiotic use can result in significant accumulation of bacteria in the small intestine that can result in disorientation brain fogginess as well as rapid, significant belly bloating.

When investigators looked further they found large colonies of bacteria breeding in the patients’ small intestines, and high levels of D-lactic acid being produced by the bacteria lactobacillus causing fermentation of sugars in food. D-lactic acid is known to be temporarily toxic to brain cells, interfering with cognition, thinking and sense of time.

I am reminded that so many of my patients complain they experience brain fog as a result of chemotherapy; however I am wondering if there is also a connection with patients who are having chemotherapy and also taking probiotics Given some chemotherapies cause slow colon transit time it could mean “live” bacteria probiotics are being delayed in transit in both the small and large intestine of patients; creating D-Lactic acid or lactic acidosis. I will be pursuing this line of questioning and my own research with new and past patients re their experience with “live” bacteria probiotic consumption and brain fog!

Many of my cancer patients also report they experience greater clarity and clearing of brain fog when taking LACTIS. Here are some other comments from my patients whose lives have been transformed by taking LACTIS – 1 x 10 ml sachet in a glass of water daily:

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Reference for information quoted in this post: Satish S. C. Rao, Abdul Rehman, Siegfried Yu, Nicole Martinez de Andino. Brain fogginess, gas and bloating: a link between SIBO, probiotics and metabolic acidosis. Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology, 2018; 9 (6) DOI:10.1038/s41424-018-0030-7

Abiotic LACTIS – the Trending Evolution of Probiotics Grace Gawler

Introducing the Abiotic supplement – LACTIS!

Unlike “live” bacteria in probiotics; which recent research shows to be problematic for many reasons; abiotics (biogenic substances) are non-living bacteria whose cell chemistry has been transformed through the process of fermentation.

Simply put; abiotics are alternatives to antibiotics (as shown in animal models) due to their ability to up regulate the immune system, inhibit infections, promote healthy gut micro flora and reduce stress in the host.

It can be confusing. How could probiotics be on the market for so long if they were problematic for our health?

The truth is that until recently, scientists & researchers did not know the consequences of probiotic supplement use in some patient groups; especially those with already compromised immune systems. They can even be a problematic for some healthy people. The issue stems from “live bacteria” contained in supplements versus “dead bacteria” often used as fermented gut health supplements. ( eg; LACTIS).

According to Clifford Adams (Belgium) in a paper called The Probiotic Paradox: Pub Nutrition Research Reviews (2010) The use of dead probiotics as biological response modifiers has several attractive advantages; such products would be very safe and have a long shelf life“.

It all comes down to a matter of safety…

Gene issues in “live” probiotic bacterial supplements:
New research in the journal Cell Host & Microbiome suggests that under certain conditions, probiotics can be harmful due to their ability to evolve once in the gut.

“If we’re going to use living things as medicines, we need to recognize that they’re going to adapt, and that means that what you put in your body is not necessarily what’s going to be there even a couple hours later.”
Prof. Gautam Dantas

There are hundreds of research articles that inform us about the differences between an abiotics (LAB – lactic acid bacteria metabolites) and probiotics. An abiotic is rendered non-viable following fermentatation by heat, acidification or some other stabilisation process. During fermentation, abiotic metabolites are produced and released when bacteria break down the substrate they are fed – in the case of LACTIS – 16 strains of Lactobacillus are fermented in Soymilk for 12 months. Soymilk proteins are the “substrate” which fuel certain bacteria to produce bio-active peptides.

The process is patented by a Japanese manufacturer. Japanese culture has a long history of knowledge and techniques to enhance nutrient bio-availability via food fermentation.

Importantly abiotics feed native or resident microbes; rather than introducing “live” new bacteria. Abiotics also offer more than energy in the form of inulin or cellulose. Abiotics are natural and offer structural building blocks such as proteins & amino acids, enzymes required for metabolic functions, vitamins and minerals – all in forms specific for bacterial transport and use. More about Abiotics next post.

In the meantime – I invite you to explore more about LACTIS Here
Your health is in your hands – learn how to encourage and nourish your own healthy gut bacteria – it is the key to your wellbeing!


Trending now: Probiotics harms vs benefits MD Anderson Research

Trending now: Probiotics harms vs benefits: If you have been taking probiotics for a health issue or just to boost wellbeing, you might want to look at some of the latest research on probiotics harms vs benefits.

Trillions of microbiome are distinct bacteria that flourish in every single gut. They are now believed to play a substantial role in regulating a person’s overall health. But do we need to ingest large volumes of live bacteria in an expensive probiotic supplement or should we be focussing on small quantities of food ferments called nutraceutical or functional foods. When your gut needs restoration we recommend LACTIS – the safer option. Researched for decades and recommended by top Japanese specialists and clinics.

The research quoted below was conducted by MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy in San Francisco …

The latest cautionary note comes in the form of a preliminary study released Tuesday, in which researchers found that melanoma patients were 70 percent less likely to respond to cancer immunotherapy if they were also taking probiotic supplements. The study group was small  just 46 patients but the findings support broader suggestions that probiotics might actually upset the balance of so-called good bacteria in the gut and interfere with the immune response. April 2 2019

By altering chemical structures of ingested compounds, we now know that gut microbes can mediate the effects of diet, pollutants and pharmaceuticals. This is why caution should be heeded when ingesting large amounts of “live” probiotic Bacteria.

Pieter Cohen, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, urges us to consider the harms as well as the benefits. Among immune-compromised individuals, for instance, probiotics can lead to infections.

LEARN MORE about Japanese fermented Lactobacillus LACTIS – beyond probiotics

Trending now: Probiotics vs LACTIS expert opinions Grace Gawler and Dr Hiromi Shinya

Trending now: Probiotics vs LACTIS expert opinions Grace Gawler and Dr Hiromi Shinya:

LACTIS a LAB (lactobacillus ferment) from Japan is trending now as a replacement for probiotics.

LACTIS is probiotics re-imagined! Trending now as a breakthrough in gut health; LACTIS comes highly recommended for gut health by experts like surgeon Dr Hiromi Shinya, who designed the wire loop snare to remove a colorectal polyps. Dr Shinya knows about colons and colon health and the importance of maintaining healthy resident gut bacteria. His colonoscopy experience as of recent times, exceeds 370,000 patients!

Grace Gawler’s experience with cancer patient’s incuding colon cancer patients extends over a 45 year period with close to 20,000 + patients who benefitted from her knowledge. Knowing that probiotics did not suit everyone, especially patients with special needs; Grace spent many years researching best options for optimal gut health for cancer patients. This led her to discover LACTIS, which she recommends to her patients as a key part of their health restoration program.

Why LACTIS is trending now:

Western Lifestyle and poor diet; especially additive laden fast foods have created a critical need for gut health restoration. Many modern, processed and fast foods negatively impact the trillions of gut bacteria that reside inside us. Rather than ingesting live bacteria as in Probiotics, LACTIS feeds, invigorates and nourishes the trillions of good bacteria that we already have in our gut. LACTIS, a Cultured Lactobacillus Extract is the fermented extract of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) obtained through a special and patented extraction process where 16 strains of LAB are co-cultivated in soymilk. One year fermentation, 1000 processes 4000 micro-compounds and peptides metabolites are created during process. The LACTIS manufacturing process produces a supplement that invigorates resident gut bacteria rather than introducing “live” bacteria found in probiotics.

Trending now Japan’s best kept ferment secret that replaces Probiotics

September 2019 – The new Japanese ferment supplement LACTIS is trending now. Probiotics have been known as the standard of care for patients suffering from a variety of bowel related issues and the best supplement to take after antibiotic treatment. However modern research is telling us that probiotics might not be a one size fits all best approach; especially for those with pre-existing conditions and compromised immune systems.

Nearly 100 years ago Japanese Research scientists began working with fermented milk, in the form of yoghurt. Japan has a traditional use of fermented foods and knowledge of how to use them. It was an obvious progression to move to another Japanese tradition – the soybean. Researchers began exploring fermented soymilk. The complex process that evolved, led to the creation of a product called LACTIS, now trending in Australia. LACTIS is taken daily by millions of Japanese people. It is prescribed by doctors and medical clinics for restoring the health of resident gut bacteria.

Ancient wisdom combined with scientific experimentation has produced a compound that goes beyond probiotics. In fact, LACTIS has been called the next generation of probiotics. Probiotics contain live bacteria, and this has found to be the problem for many people with compromised immune systems. LACTIS contains no live bacteria and is the safer alternative to probiotics.
Explore the difference between probiotics and LACTIS. Simple to take, convenient packaging, excellent for travel, home or hospital. Re-Invigorate your good gut bacteria in a safe and healthy manner.

To learn more

LACTIS vs Probiotics


Are you puzzled about the difference between probiotics and LACTIS and why LACTIS may be more effective and a safer alternative for you than a probiotic supplement?

MY INTEREST IN PROBIOTICS, LACTIS AND GUT MICROBIOME: For 45 years I have worked almost exclusively with cancer patients with compromised immunity due to the cancer itself or the impact of conventional treatments; and in many cases both issues. I know it is crucial to patients wellbeing and recovery strategies to explore and improve the health of their gut bacteria

Resident or Supplemented Bacteria as Probiotic?

The key reason is that LACTIS restores our own resident or native gut bacteria. LACTIS does not contain live bacteria; but rather the metabolites of bacteria thereby providing nutrition and invigorating the growth of your good gut bacteria.

Why is this an important?
Probiotics contain “live bacterial strains” in large quantities; this is what they became famous for when probiotics in foods such as Yoghurt or kefir – transformed from a food into a supplement. There was inflated marketing hype; the theory being that the more live bacteria that were consumed, the higher the numbers would be that would reach the gut and benefit you. The more is better theory…

New research reported in the journal Cell Host & Microbiome March 2019, suggests that under certain conditions, probiotics can be harmful due to their ability to evolve once in the gut. Foreign probiotic bacteria, may alter the genetic material of gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria can modulate the expression of certain genes. Individual bacteria can secrete a molecule that literally turns genes on or off!

Safety first!

“You have to remember that quite often we wouldn’t be using probiotics in people with a healthy microbiome. We’d be using them in sick people who have a low-diversity, unhealthy microbiome. And that seems to be the condition when the probiotic is most likely to evolve.” Aura Ferreiro researcher.

This information regarding altered genes is disturbing, implying unknown consequences.

Microbiome researcher, Prof. Gautam Dantas, says:
“If we’re going to use living things as medicines, we need to recognize that they’re going to adapt, and that means that what you put in your body is not necessarily what’s going to be there even a couple hours later.”

About Gut Bacteria: According to the latest estimate – an adult human houses 39 trillion bacteria, weighing in at 1.5 kilograms. Most of them reside in the large intestine and… most of them, if you DONT already take probiotics; are your own resident or native bacteria.

What has been well established; is that extensive research tells us healthy resident microbes are essential for health. Collectively, they crowd out harmful microbial invaders, break down fibrous foods into more digestible components and produce vitamins such as K and B12.
Want to learn more about the difference between LACTIS and PROBIOTICS?

View the infographic below…or


Can these nutritionals enhance your cancer treatments?

Welcome to the Grace Gawler Institute (GGI) Cancer Specialty Store.

Our store has 2 sections – public & private. 

Public section – cancer books, resources, general nutritionals & botanicals 

Private section – practitioner-only products can be purchased by supervised GGI Clients.

In the private section appropriate science-based products are responsibly-dispensed ensuring they actually do support & enhance the individual patient’s conventional treatments without causing harmful interactions.(contraindications)

Of particular note: Some of our practitioner-only products have been credibly shown to enhance immune activity & reduce chemotherapy & radiation side effects. Remarkably, they also increase the efficacy of those treatments. These products are practitioner prescribed & monitored. 

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Please note: 
Our botanical & nutritional products are to be used as adjuncts to conventional cancer medicine – not alternatives or substitutes.

It is our experience (supported by oncologists we collaborate with) that supervised patients using prescribed  products as adjunct treatments consistently experience improved quality of life and high level well-being.

As well; the science underpinning timing & sequencing of complementary products is complex – requiring a knowledge of pharmacogenomics & expert practitioner guidance.

No alternative to Cancer

If taken to heart, the information here can reduce unnecessary deaths by educating cancer patients about the dangers of using alternative cancer medicines.

The page has the same name as the video (below) by the Australian Science Institute’s, Dr Paul Willis.

Special Investigation Topic Video ??Australians unnecessarily suffering and dying prematurely because of alternative cancer treatments.

In this Special Investigation video, Dr Paul Willis talks to experts at the front line of cancer treatment: medical doctors Dr David Walsh and Prof Ian Olver, breast care nurse practitioner Karen Redman and clinical psychologist Prof Maria Kangas.

The information in the video, ‘No Alternative to Cancer’,?is supported by our own observations and experience from 4+ decades working at the cancer coalface.

The Cancer Council of Australia predicts there will be nearly 50,000 deaths from cancer in 2018.

We believe?between 5 to 10% of these deaths were preventable if the patient had not adopted alternative cancer treatments.

Dr Paul Willis says…?“Every year, thousands of Australians are suffering and dying prematurely because of alternative cancer treatments, according to a special investigation by Dr. Paul Willis, director of The Royal Institution of Australia.”

?We are able to say that in Australia, the drop-off rate for conventional treatment is between three-to-five per cent, averaging at four per cent of people who are diagnosed with cancer,?

?That figure represents the number of people who are diagnosed with cancer but do not follow through with conventional treatment like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a combination of all three when they opt for alternative medicine.”

Note: Since the special investigation video was made, I have had a number of dialogues with Dr Paul Willis.

Paul is a scientist – without our clinical experience working with cancer patients for 43+ years. Even so, Paul’s estimate of 3 to 5% cancer patients turning to alternative medicine is alarming.

Paul was astounded when I told him we believe the figure could be 10% or more.

The video features on the Australia Science TV site.


Need more convincing?

Medscape: It’s rare but it happens: a patient with a curable cancer rejects conventional medicine and initially chooses to receive only alternative treatments.

Now researchers from the Yale Cancer Center in New Haven, Connecticut, find that this choice is associated with a 2.5-fold higher risk for death compared with conventional cancer treatment (CCT) click here for full article

And More?

Science-Based Medicine: Alternative medicine, by definition, consists of medicine that either has not been shown to work or has been shown not to work. To paraphrase an old adage yet again, medicine that has been shown to work with an acceptable risk-benefit ceases to be ?alternative? and becomes simply ?medicine.? click here for full article

Is there a place for complementary medicine?


However, just like effective Cancer treatments, supplements must be scientifically targeted to ensure?

  • They will not clash or undermine your medical treatments
  • They can be metabolised in the individual patient.
  • They are of a high quality and consistency from an appropriate laboratory
    (E.G: a recent South Australian study detected contaminants and adulterants in Traditional Chinese Medicine supplements)

For more information please visit the following pages?


Cancer Food Fads, Fakes and Fallacies

A Hearty Welcome.

You probably landed here searching for information about the best foods & supplements to help you survive & thrive through cancer.

We can certainly help you – our Cancer Specialty Store contains science backed products – the best we have found in our 43 years of supportive care cancer medicine.

However; there is something extra special we’d like to share. It’s proving a great benefit for many patients. You might like to read about it after completing this section on our nutritionals. (See below)

Targeted Nutritionals and Botanicals:

Nutritional products must be matched to your individual genetic make-up. There is no one size fits all. Thanks to genomic testing we can eliminate the guesswork.

That is why our most effective products are in a ‘private’ section of our store –  these are practitioner supervised only products. 

Click here if you would like to organise a consultation with us so prescribe these products for you as well as supervise and monitor your cancer progress – remember we draw on 43 years experience.

Click here to visit our cancer specialty store.

The Genomic Era:

We employ genomic tests to identify target (medical) treatments as well as botanicals.

To read more about the topic – see targeted botanicals.

Supercharge your immune system: 

grace gawler While we have great success stories from our patients using nutritionals scientifically shown to increase immune system activity, reduce side effects from chemo and radiation while enhancing the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation.

However; we felt we had a duty of care to inform you about an even more potent method to rebuild & restore your immune system – cell-based immune therapies.

The cell based immune therapy treatment is more effective than diet and supplementation alone but is safe and non-toxic with little or no side effects. It very quickly repairs and restores your immune system. The results are almost instantly felt by patients and verified by special blood tests. We suggest you read more about it on the links provided and then contact us to explore it further.

Thankfully, this process works hand-in-hand with the immune enhancing nutritional products mentioned above. Our patients receiving this combination treatment have consistently shown excellent outcomes.

NOTE: The cell based immune therapies are very different to drug based immune therapies produced by pharmaceutical companies and receiving great interest in our hospitals. (PD1s, Car T Cell Therapies etc).

To read more about the difference between the two types of immune therapies click here.

The link above will explain more about the cell based immune therapies which our patients receive. Especially how they are made from the patient’s cells and blood.

When combined with hyperthermia (& sometimes, low-dose chemotherapy) the outcomes have been well beyond clinical expectations…
The link includes articles about the drug based immune therapies, which in contrast, can be highly toxic, unpredictable and extremely severe in side effects .

The following section explores both the hype and hyper-marketing of cancer foods and supplements as well as information about the exciting new world of genomics & proven methods gleaned from 43 years at the cancer coalface...

Cancer Fighting Foods?

Are cancer cure claims from Dr Google, cancer forums or well-meaning friends trustworthy? If genuine, are they appropriate (targeted) to you?

In contrast, would you prefer guidance & advice from a cancer navigator with 43 years experience helping patients access some of the world's best cancer treatments?

A tale of two columns – one of hype & one of hope.

Left-hand column  – exploration of cancer food fads and fallacies.

Right-hand column – exploring the new era of precision medicine (personalised, targeted).

While desperate cancer patients pin their hopes on cancer super foods, a new generation of highly effective precision medicine is available for patients.

The left-hand column exposes marketing ploys riddled with pseudoscience and hype while the right-hand column provides concrete hope based on modern scientific advances.

If you have explored the 10 patient testimonials (green button above) you will have seen that the outcomes from patients following the right-hand column, have been exceptional.

Cancer patients are frequently duped out of their money and their health by unscrupulous marketers who overwhelm valid nutritional science with white-noise.

Take superfoods as an example.  This is a marketing term used to sell products and has no scientific basis

You don’t see apples, oranges, bananas advertised as super-foods although they are as nutrient dense.

Scroll this page for  many more revealing articles about how the market forces have duped the unsuspecting public – with super superfoods  foods like kale, coconut oil, chia seeds, blueberries, acai, beetroot, broccoli, garlic, green tea… (the list goes on) 

How did we arrive at a place where avocados outsell oranges, where coconut oil, a once-cheap saturated fat, is reborn as a super-ingredient with miraculous, health-giving properties?

(Paltrow’s website Goop also proposes using it as a mouthwash and sexual lubricant, prompting Warner to joke, “Separately, I hope.”) click for full article from the Angry Chef

Despite millions of websites claims, there is no super-food – just super-hype creating super ideologies.
Among our patients, this causes SUPER PROBLEMS!

The coconut oil myth is one of many so-called super foods which employ brilliant marketing and kindergarten science to sell product; regardless of outcome.

Just how did slick American marketers foist coconut oil on the unsuspecting public?

Very impressive marketing – given that it contains 82% saturated fat, compared to butter at 63%, beef fat at 50% and pork lard at 39%?

It also increases LDL increasing risks of heart attacks. Countries that use coconut oil as the predominant fat don’t stand out as pillars of heart health.

On the surface the Sri Lankan diet may look pretty good, just 25% of energy from fat, yet heart disease rates are much higher than would be expected.

Not much support for coconut oil from this quarter.

Worth viewing – this one-minute video – Coconut Scam – the American Health Association

Click here for the Cancer Council views on Coconut Oil

View PDF – The Truth about Coconut Oil 

Does this mean cancer patients should not use botanical supplements at all?

Absolutely not. They have their place but they must be scientifically targeted.

Otherwise at best you will waste your money at worst you will do your recovery or yourself some harm.

In recent years the Acai berry has been elevated to superfood status with many fake promotions.

How can you tell you might be on a fake Acai site?

Click here for Fake News Sites Promote Acai Supplements

  • The site displays the logo of a legitimate major television network, newspaper, or magazine, followed by a “reporter’s” first-hand experience using the product.
  • The reporter claims a dramatic weight loss — like 25 lbs over several weeks — with little or no change in diet or exercise routine.
  • Throughout the site, you see links to other websites where you can buy the “weight loss” products or sign up for a “free” trial.
  • You see testimonials or comments from supposedly satisfied customers on the site

Click here for Acai Berries Hype or Health?

Safety Information – click links below…

More information about other cancer food fads and fallacies can be accessed here.

These include how kale became trendy & other myth-information patients find on the Internet, in cancer forums or from friends & family.

I’m Grace Gawler. Botanical Oncology is one of my strengths. Therefore I’m very concerned about cancer food fads and fallacies that rob patients of their money and well-being.

These well-meaning attempts at self-help often(mostly) result in self-harm. These are my observations from over four decades at the cancer coalface. I can honestly say I have not seen one clinically-diagnosed cancer cure resulting from diet or supplement regimes among my 20,000 patients – NOT ONE.

However, I do have some very good news.

Precision medicine is revolutionising cancer care. While not readily available in most hospitals in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, I have been helping my patients to access it for some years.

The mapping of the human genome has made possible great advances in cancer medicine. Today, I frequently help my patients access genomic diagnostic and screening tests which accurately identify targeted treatments. 

Most patients are unaware that in our hospitals (and promoters of complementary medicines), a one size fits all approach is the norm. The following chart indicates the poor efficacy of most cancer drugs – only 25% on average. There is a lot of suffering for no gain. That’s why we need genomic tests and targeted treatments.

Guesswork no more: The genomic tests identify the target treatments – no longer a one size fits all. The tests can also identify target food groups and supplements for the individual.

However,  as well as the specifically targeted treatments – there is an adjunct therapy that my patients benefit from.

This is immune therapy, in the form of cancer vaccines. It provides a highly effective boost to a patient’s immune system and is made from the patient’s white blood cells, therefore there is no rejection and minimal side effects.

But there’s more – When delivered with hyperthermia & low-dose chemotherapy (most of our patients have this) the immune therapies are further boosted to create a greater therapeutic effect.

In other words, right now, we are able to help our patients access state-of-the-art treatments – unprecedented in medical history.

Although Cancer Vaccines are relatively new in Australia, with trials currently underway; our medical colleagues in Asia have been researching, creating & delivering personalised immunotherapy since 1990. (Over 10,000 deliveries)

It is important to differentiate between our blood based immune therapies and the immune therapy drugs made by the big pharmaceutical companies.

The drug based immune therapies have unpredictable and often severe side effects – in some cases extremely severe.

With a blood-based immune therapy the doctor works with one patient at a time compared to the immune therapy drugs which can reap immense profit for the drug companies. There is no profit for big Pharma from the blood-based immune therapies.

We have been helping our patients access these brilliant blood-based immune therapies for over three years – with exceptional outcomes. 

We offer a Cancer Navigation Package which provides guidance, advice and case management while liaising and briefing the doctors and oncologists involved with presenting precision medicine to you.

These treatments involve clinics in Singapore, Germany & Japan.

You can access this very productive – but highly complex field of precision medicine now, by contacting me – just click on my picture below.

Under the picture you’ll find a link to information about our cancer navigation package – essential for serious patients seeking optimal outcomes.

Click here for more information about our Cancer Navigation Package.

If my services are of interest to you, I suggest you read the website home page thoroughly clicking the live links and the video animations so you better informed when making a decision that could give you a second chance at life.

Bridging the Gap Between Oncology & Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicines & Therapies can enhance a patient’s oncology treatments by reducing side effects, speeding recovery & increasing quality of life.

Grace Gawler Simple path complex pathHOWEVER – the field is extremely complex as the cartoon suggests.

Extremely complex!

To be honest 99% of the most enthusiastic patients presenting at my clinic, despite their valiant efforts, have not been getting the results they deserve.

As a result of failing to grasp the complexity in complementary approaches, large numbers of patients are unintentionally ‘self-harming.’

This sad situtation is the opposite to their intended outcome – assisting their cancer recovery,

With such good intentions – what’s going Wrong?

The answer is – Fragmented Cancer Medicine:

It’s common for many patients to consult several naturopaths, an integrative doctor & be trialling suppplements or diets found on Dr Google.

This happened to Renate
I am grateful for your expertise. After abandoning conventional chemotherapy; a decision I have paid for dearly, I followed the advice of 3 well known naturopaths/one an integrative GP who advertise that they treat cancer naturally. Over a period of 6 months of expensive natural treatments ( $20,000)- my tumours grew & spread prolifically breaking through my skin. Now back with conventional medicine ? my tumours are regressing.Thanks for your experience and kindness ? I wish I had found you earlier. Renate..

Sadly, although committed to their profession, few naturopaths know much about the nature of cancer and many are ideologically against conventional cancer medicine.

I know this well from my time training naturopaths & from noting the ‘bizarre’ supplements & dietary regimes given to patients who present at my clinic.

fragmented cancer medicine grace gawlerWhen it comes to cancer medicine it’s often a case of the blind leading the blind.

This is fragmented cancer medicine – it is ineffective, falls far short of the Collaborative (Team Model). It can be dangerous; even life threatening. Currently you may not think this but with a deeper scienctific understanding you’ll see the complexityy of mixing herbs, supplements, extreme diets with medical drugs, radiation or surgery designed to beat your cancer.

Here’s the Problem: Everything (I mean everything) you put in your mouth (or up your backside) has the potential to undermine or even stop your oncology treatments from working. E.G. grapefruit.

Some foods; or juices made from those foods; can also exacerbate side effects of any conventional treatment you are having. If your oncologist does not know this he may view the extra side effects as a signal to change treatment. (this can cause many complications, harm or even death.

Our Consultations: This is just some of the valuable information we work through in a consultation with you. We will also collaborate with your oncologist or if they are not satisfactory, refer you to a high performing oncologist suitable to your condition.

So when there is a clash, (and there almost always is) your well meaning efforts may actually make your oncology treatments worthless or even harm you.

You’d be safer & better off doing nothing – Unless – you have someone (like Grace Gawler) to bridge the gap between oncology & naturopathy so it all works together.

The answer is collaborative cancer medicine:

bridge the gap between oncology & naturopathy grace gawler

What’s needed to bridge the Gap:

Three things must be in place for this to be successful..

  1. In depth knowledge of oncology drugs, medicine, the biology & nature of cancer, anatomy & physiology – you cannot do this work unless you know the above.
  2. Collaboration with the oncology team (extremely rare. I don’t know any other naturopaths or integrative doctors that do this)
    So in this situation you have different people putting different substances down a patient’s mouth but not talking to each other, not using a coordinated approach. It is bound to fail!
  3. Sound knowledge & experience with botanical medicines & complementary therapies – there are many interactions to consider such as drug/herb interactions, diet/drug interactions & more

What can you take away from this page?

If you wish to complement your oncology treatments but your naturopath or integrative doctor will not collaborate with your oncology team you’d be safer just eating sensibly and avoiding extremes such as excessive juicing, excessive supplements, coffee enemas and so on.

The nature of our practice is such that we attract many stage 4 patients many of whom have trialled every regimen known to mankind. We are in the privledged position to view patients bloods, reports & scans as we re-assess and re-diagnose.

Many of these patients have tried all the fads, been to all the naturopaths and integrative doctors of ‘note’ and yet … never have we seen anything that has slowed the progress of their tumour – similar to doing nothing.

Some patients have spent amounts ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 in Australia and over $1,000,000 for some who have gone overseas in these cases we have not seen anything that worked well. If it worked we’d be recommending it.

However: If you wish to work with a naturopath who meets the 3 criteria above please click the button below to contact Grace Gawler…

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