Trending now Japan’s best kept ferment secret that replaces Probiotics

September 2019 – The new Japanese ferment supplement LACTIS is trending now. Probiotics have been known as the standard of care for patients suffering from a variety of bowel related issues and the best supplement to take after antibiotic treatment. However modern research is telling us that probiotics might not be a one size fits all best approach; especially for those with pre-existing conditions and compromised immune systems.

Nearly 100 years ago Japanese Research scientists began working with fermented milk, in the form of yoghurt. Japan has a traditional use of fermented foods and knowledge of how to use them. It was an obvious progression to move to another Japanese tradition – the soybean. Researchers began exploring fermented soymilk. The complex process that evolved, led to the creation of a product called LACTIS, now trending in Australia. LACTIS is taken daily by millions of Japanese people. It is prescribed by doctors and medical clinics for restoring the health of resident gut bacteria.

Ancient wisdom combined with scientific experimentation has produced a compound that goes beyond probiotics. In fact, LACTIS has been called the next generation of probiotics. Probiotics contain live bacteria, and this has found to be the problem for many people with compromised immune systems. LACTIS contains no live bacteria and is the safer alternative to probiotics.
Explore the difference between probiotics and LACTIS. Simple to take, convenient packaging, excellent for travel, home or hospital. Re-Invigorate your good gut bacteria in a safe and healthy manner.

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