Trending now: Probiotics vs LACTIS expert opinions Grace Gawler and Dr Hiromi Shinya

Trending now: Probiotics vs LACTIS expert opinions Grace Gawler and Dr Hiromi Shinya:

LACTIS a LAB (lactobacillus ferment) from Japan is trending now as a replacement for probiotics.

LACTIS is probiotics re-imagined! Trending now as a breakthrough in gut health; LACTIS comes highly recommended for gut health by experts like surgeon Dr Hiromi Shinya, who designed the wire loop snare to remove a colorectal polyps. Dr Shinya knows about colons and colon health and the importance of maintaining healthy resident gut bacteria. His colonoscopy experience as of recent times, exceeds 370,000 patients!

Grace Gawler’s experience with cancer patient’s incuding colon cancer patients extends over a 45 year period with close to 20,000 + patients who benefitted from her knowledge. Knowing that probiotics did not suit everyone, especially patients with special needs; Grace spent many years researching best options for optimal gut health for cancer patients. This led her to discover LACTIS, which she recommends to her patients as a key part of their health restoration program.

Why LACTIS is trending now:

Western Lifestyle and poor diet; especially additive laden fast foods have created a critical need for gut health restoration. Many modern, processed and fast foods negatively impact the trillions of gut bacteria that reside inside us. Rather than ingesting live bacteria as in Probiotics, LACTIS feeds, invigorates and nourishes the trillions of good bacteria that we already have in our gut. LACTIS, a Cultured Lactobacillus Extract is the fermented extract of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) obtained through a special and patented extraction process where 16 strains of LAB are co-cultivated in soymilk. One year fermentation, 1000 processes 4000 micro-compounds and peptides metabolites are created during process. The LACTIS manufacturing process produces a supplement that invigorates resident gut bacteria rather than introducing “live” bacteria found in probiotics.